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About Us


ZENEX GLOBAL TRADING. is a company engaged in general trading including export, import, distribution, and supplier. Based in Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA, our main products are Coffee and Readymade Garments, crafts, household items. We also have food products (spices, rice, & Sugar) and Medical Disposables.

We strongly believe that INDIAN products are as good as to those in the international market. We facilitate to introduce local products to the international market. We are in line with the initiative by the Government of India to create and encourage companies to develop, manufacture and assemble products made in India.


To become a Trusted, Reliable and Capable trading company in expanding the marketing network for INDIAN products both at local and global market by prioritizing customer satisfaction.


Strive to develop and grow as a trading company that is capable to provide the best satisfaction for customers through excellent services and products

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Foster trust and collaboration

- Establish collaborative environment to develop new strategies and achieve the desired outcomes

Efficiency and Discipline

- International trade is all about timing; ZGT ensures Secure & Just in Time and Delivery to Customer

Embrace authenticity & Integrity

- Don't be something you're not, being ethically true to principles & establish credibility

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